Computational Sociology

The recent collision of computer science techniques with massive amounts of social data is creating a new institutional space: Computational Social Science. Right now this space is being filled by computer scientists, physicists, and applied mathematicians. I believe sociology needs to be at the center of this field. To move this field forward, and to make sure sociology isn't left behind, all sociology departments should be teaching the computer programming skills necessary to process and analyze big data, and physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists who are analyzing social data should all be taught social science. Many of my activities are aimed at improving my own computational skills and building a community of social scientists who can process and work with big data, in particular big unstructured data.

My Computing Skills

Python: Pandas, NLTK, TextBlob, scikit-learn, StatsModel, gensim, matplotlib, BeautifulSoup
R: tm, stm, topicmodels, RTextTools, sna, igraph

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Women in Tech

I'm passionate about making the tech scene more friendly toward women, and getting more women trained in computational methods. Here are some resources:

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