My two pedagogical passions right now are teaching programming skills to social scientists and humanities scholars who have never previously programmed, and teaching social theory to anyone and everyone. 

I have found Jupyter Notebooks are, by far, the most powerful pedagogical tool to teach programming to students at any level, but particularly those with no programming background. I have seen numerous students who thought they would never write a line of code go from 0 to writing fairly involved scripts in less than three days via Jupyter.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to teach applied programming. I have numerous tutorials using Jupyter Notebooks on my GitHub account.

Teaching Experience



Focus-Session Leader:

  • Fall 2013: Effective and Efficient Grading. Graduate Student Instructor Teaching Conference. University of California, Berkeley,


Emery, Hannah, Maggie Frye, Kristen Grey, Laura K. Nelson, and Hana Brown. 2011. “Instructor's Guide to Writing for Sociology.” Published by the University of California-Berkeley Department of Sociology with a grant from the Teagle Foundation.